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We’re visual strategists: we believe graphic recording should engage participants, be authentic to your organization, and customized to your meeting’s objectives. Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!



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MEOPAR Ocean Acidification Conference

As a graphic recorder I get to “drop into” numerous conferences and strategic planning sessions happening both in BC and other provinces.  I also get a bird’s eye view on a variety of industries — from issues big organizations are struggling with, to very complex scientific discussions, to mapping patient journeys in health care.

In February, the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response network hosted an international conference to discuss the current research on ocean acidification, and I graphic recorded the information rich panel discussions. (I can now say I’m an amateur expert in ocean acidification!)


Your organization has spent months perfecting the details of a strategic plan – it has a clear vision and mission, and maps out the next five years… but it’s 45 pages long. Would you read through a 45 page strategic plan when all you need is a bird’s eye view? Will the public?

An infographic is a powerful way of communicating a large plan or detailed information; it’s not a replacement for a strategic plan, but a high-level visual tool to encourage people to dig deeper into the strategic plan document. Typically designed on computer, infographics can show the steps in a municipal application process, the journey of an organization over the years, or a corporate profile of a company… to name a few!