Engagement Walls

Engagement Walls are interactive: participants share their responses to 2-3 prompt questions and watch as we capture their ideas on the wall! Engagement Walls can also blend augmented reality (AR) to reveal a “hidden” layer of videos, research papers, or quotes on the wall. Or we might design a highly interactive station that includes activities for people to get hands-on and contribute their ideas in creative ways. Examples include: a “ribbon map” for people to make connections across an ecosystem, an Idea Tree where people can write their actions on leaves as a metaphor for growing our future, or a variety of interactive tiles, touch points, or animations.

Engagement Wall installations are always designed and drafted alongside our clients. It’s an important part of ensuring the wall engages participants in an authentic way, and helps them better understand your topics. Below are samples from past Engagement Wall planning with our clients.

Graphic facilitation, interactive Knowledge Wall
Knowledge Wall, graphic recording engagement, interactive conference engagement