Knowledge Walls

Knowledge Walls capture the big themes, ideas, and questions from an event in one impressive big picture. At multi-day events where there are many concurrent workshops & presentations, the Knowledge Wall is the hub of the event where people can gather to take in themes from sessions they may have missed, ask questions, and contribute to the wall.

Knowledge Walls are designed to be tactile and interactive. They may be embedded with augmented reality (AR) so people can see a “hidden layer” of information; they may have Language Trees with leaves people can write on; or they may have a “ribbon map” for people to make connections across an ecosystem.

Knowledge Wall installations are always designed and drafted alongside our clients. It’s an important part of ensuring the Knowledge Wall engages participants and helps them better understand your topics. Below are samples from past Knowledge Wall planning with our clients.

Graphic facilitation, interactive Knowledge Wall
Knowledge Wall, graphic recording engagement, interactive conference engagement