We’re visual strategists: we believe graphic recording should engage participants, be authentic to your organization, and customized to your meeting’s objectives. Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!




We want to light the fuse of inspiration at your next conference or project! Find out more about our backgrounds and what drives us to explore new ways of working.

Creative Director + Graphic Facilitator

Tanya Gadsby, BFA


Tanya believes the best graphic recording comes from a deep understanding of your organization. Research into your topics and stakeholders before a meeting is essential to delivering a truly unique graphic recording. As creative director, Tanya leads her team with this philosophy – whether graphic recording, animation, or infographics.

With a prior career in mental health and addictions, community engagement, and health system improvements, Tanya’s main area of expertise is health care and patient journey mapping. She launched her graphic recording company in 2010 (originally named Drawing Out Ideas) and has since collaborated with clients around the world in a wide range of industries.

Tanya is trained in collaboration and engagement through the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

Born in New Zealand, and of Māori decent, Tanya grew up in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and Whitehorse Yukon. When she’s not in the office, she can be found mountain biking with her oaf of a dog, Hudson, or enjoying home brewed beer with her husband.

Project Manager

Leslie Teixeira

Leslie is our organizational guru and systems wiz. As Project Manager, she’s got her hands on every project to ensure our team is on task and on schedule. Communication is key during all of our projects so you’ll definitely be hearing from her!

With an Office Management and Administrative career spanning over 20 years, Leslie continues to grow and remain current on business and technology trends. Attending annual conferences, workshops and online courses, she’s proud to call herself a lifelong learner.

Leslie grew up and resides in beautiful British Columbia’s Lower Mainland where she project manages a household with two kids, a husband, a dog and a cat. Hockey practice, baseball games, swimming lessons and daily trips to the dog park keep this momma’s PM skills on point.

Graphic Recorder

Minh Ngo, MA

Coming from a research and teaching background, Minh brings a playful approach to graphic recording and visual communication. Drawing on her diverse experience working in the private, public and non-profit sector, she enjoys the challenge of helping organizations cut through the clutter with visuals that spark a connection between people, ideas, and their greater purpose.

When she is not working, chances are you’ll find her on the mountain hiking with her dog, Arlo, or in the garden battling the march of the aphids.

Graphic Recorders, Animators, Infographic artists


We’ve curated a core team of graphic recorders, animators, and infographic artists based across North America to help support our projects. These people embody Fuselight’s passion for igniting ideas and bring a wealth of experience across a range of industries — such as federal government, engineering, climate and environment, non-profits, technology, corporate strategy, insurance and finance… to name a few!

When we align the right person for the job, that’s when visuals have an authentic and lasting impact on audiences. Learn more about how we find the Right Fit for a Project.

Graphic Recording by: Yolanda Liman

Fuselight Creative, Inc.

Where does our name come from? Tanya Gadsby, founder of Fuselight Creative, grew up in the Yukon. Every New Year’s Eve, her family would have a massive backyard bonfire, even if it was –30! From a tiny strike of a match, a little “fuselight” would grow into a towering fire. Tanya was always inspired by how such a tiny flicker could transform a cold night into warmth and light, ushering in a New Year full of energy.

Here at The Fuselight Creative, we aim to do the same. We want to ignite the fuse of passion, innovation, and inspiration at your next meeting through our full suite of visual services.

Since launching under Drawing Out Ideas in 2010, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients. We’ve graphic recorded at conferences of 10,000+ people, at small community workshops, and everything in between across North America and internationally. Our animations have been seen in theatres across Canada, on television, and as part of educational campaigns for various organizations.

Let’s ignite your ideas! Get in touch today.