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We are a woman-owned and operated visual facilitation company with team members across North America, but our home base is in Victoria & Vancouver, BC on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen, W̱SÁNEĆ, and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm peoples.


Founded in 2010 by Tanya Gadsby, our areas of focus are climate science, health & human rights, and collaboration with Indigenous Nations and communities.


Fuselight’s mission is finding story in the complex. We do this through innovative uses of graphic recording, animation, infographics, and augmented reality / virtual reality (AR/VR).


We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of graphic facilitation so that it is tailored to each project, authentic to the culture and people in the room, and is as inclusive and diverse as possible. We are always exploring how technology can enhance learning and building our clients’ digital literacy so they can bring techniques back to their teams.

Where does the name “Fuselight” come from?

Our founder, Tanya Gadsby, grew up in Nunavut and the Yukon. Every New Year’s Eve, her family would have a bonfire, even if it was –30. From a tiny strike of a match, a little “fuselight” would grow into a towering fire. Tanya was always inspired by how a tiny flicker could transform a cold night into warmth and light, and circle people around to share stories, inspiration, and joy.

Featured in Gestalten’s Graphic Recording (2016)

Featured in Episode 2: Graphic Facilitation & Interconnection, of the podcast Sci Comm + Civic Tech

Featured in Episode 61: Augmented Reality & Graphic Facilitation, of the podcast Visual Thinking

Our team

Tanya Gadsby, Graphic Recorder Vancouver BC Victoria BC

Tanya Gadsby, BFA

Creative Director & Graphic Facilitator

Tanya Gadsby is the founder of Fuselight Creative and has seventeen years of experience working in event design and audience engagement. Over the last thirteen years, Tanya has focused on health care, collaborations with Indigenous Nations & communities, and climate science. She specializes at strategic and customized use of graphic facilitation so it deepens dialogue, creates a safe space for sharing, is flexible to the group’s needs, and is a core part of the work moving forward. Tanya is constantly testing new ways of using graphics and technology to facilitate learning and connection — whether it’s virtual or digital graphic recording, augmented reality, interactive infographics, or experimenting with new animation techniques.


Tanya has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre & Writing from the University of Victoria, and is trained in community engagement through the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Born in New Zealand, and of Māori / Ukrainian / Scottish descent, Tanya grew up in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and Whitehorse, Yukon. She resides in Victoria, British Columbia on the unceded traditional territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples.

Leslie Teixeira, OBM

Operations Manager

Leslie has been Fuselight’s organizational and systems expert since 2015. As Operations Manager, she ensures every project is on task and on schedule. With an office management and administrative career spanning over 20 years, Leslie continues to grow and remain current on business and technology trends, and best practices in operations management. She also serves as our lead tech host for virtual meetings of all sizes. Leslie has a certificate in business management and resides in Chilliwack, British Columbia on the unceded traditional territory of the Pilalt and Ts’elxwéyeqw tribes.

Leslie Teixeira | Project Manager at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver
Minh Ngo | Graphic Recorder & Animator at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver

Minh Ngo, MA

Graphic Recorder & Animator

With a prior career in higher education, scientific research and the start-up world, Minh brings a unique combination of scientific inquiry, experiential learning and an entrepreneurial mindset to the intersection of instructional design and illustration. Minh has sketched up a storm for tech and media giants such as Google, Oracle, and Thomson Reuters to more community-based organizations such as the Centre for Social Innovation, Children’s Health Foundation, and the Health Co-Management Secretariat of Alberta.

Minh got her start in this area of work in 2012 when she completed her graduate studies using visual research methodologies to examine the social determinants of success for first generation farmers in Ontario. With a focus on how visuals can facilitate adult learning, she completed a Certificate in Adult Training and Development at the University of Toronto, specializing in teaching applications of design and visual thinking in the workplace (2014). Minh has a Masters in Human Geography from Carleton University. She resides in Victoria, British Columbia on the unceded traditional territory of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples.

Sarah Munro, BBA

Project Support

Sarah is essential to Fuselight’s day-to-day administration, and is a warm and welcoming support on all of our projects. After a career in accounting, Sarah has since expanded into project support and has 12 years experience working for a variety of companies. Sarah is also an accomplished artist and loves to bring her creativity to any project.

She has a degree in business, and completed the final years of her degree online while pregnant with her second child. Sarah was born and raised in rural British Columbia and now resides in Barriere, BC on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc (Secwepemculecw) peoples.

Sarah Munro | Project Support at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver

Extended Team

We’ve curated a trusted team of graphic recorders, animators, and infographic artists based across North America to help support our projects. These are people who embody Fuselight’s vision for igniting ideas and bring a wealth of experience across a range of industries — including federal government, engineering, climate and environment, non-profits, technology, corporate strategy, among many others.


When we align the right person for the job, that’s when visuals have an authentic and lasting impact on audiences. 


Yiely Ho | Graphic Facilitator at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver

Yiely Ho


Yiely is a consultant who specializes in executive coaching, leadership and team development, and systems change. Alongside her consulting practice, Yiely is also a Senior Advisor to over 140,000 people in the largest healthcare organization in Canada on leadership and business issues.

Yiely received her Masters of Arts in Leadership and is trained in Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching, Prosci change management, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Insights personality profiling, graphic recording and facilitation, systems scribing, diversity and inclusion, SLII, design thinking, action research, and yoga teaching. She works with c-suite executives, physicians, and leaders in healthcare, government, and non-profit sectors.

Born in China, Yiely grew up in Vancouver and resides in Calgary, Canada. She speaks English, Cantonese and (conversational) French. In her spare time, Yiely can be found hiking with her dog, Islay, or cooking with her cat, Khyber.

Jamin Zuroski

Graphic Designer

Jamin is a Namgis First Nations Artist, residing in Victoria, BC. Jamin holds mixed ancestry from Ukrainian and Polish on his father’s side and Namgis First Nation on his mothers side. The Gigalgam Cook family comes Alert Bay, which is located on Cormorant Island. Alert Bay sits on the regional lands of the Kwakwaka’wakw, the Kwak’wala speaking peoples.

For the past 25 years, Jamin has practiced and worked with a variety of artists, community members, organizations, businesses, schools, friendship centres, municipalities and government on a variety of cultural projects and initiatives. Some of the current mediums he works with are cedar wood carving, cedar and glass sandblasting, mural painting, canvas painting, chalk ,and computer graphics.


Jamin Zuroski | Graphic Designer at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver
Kim Nipp | Graphic Recorder, Designer, Illustrator, Animator at Fuselight Creative

Kim Nipp, MSc

Graphic Recorder, Designer, Illustrator, Animator

Kim is a designer, illustrator, and animator specializing in scientific visualization. Originally trained in behavioural neuroscience at the University of British Columbia, Kim moved on to complete their Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications, an interdisciplinary graduate program for visual media design in science and medicine offered through the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Their art practice focuses on creating 2D/3D illustrations, interactive visuals, and animations to help make scientific research dissemination, post-secondary education, and healthcare materials more accessible.

Kim holds mixed ancestry of mostly Chinese and Filipino descent. On the Chinese side of their ancestry, Kim is a descendent of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) builders and those who paid the Head Tax. Kim resides in Vancouver, British Columbia on the unceded traditional lands of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Waututh territories.


Adriana Contreras

Graphic Recorder & Animator

Adriana is a bilingual graphic recorder, illustrator, and designer (English/Spanish). As a visual practitioner, her role is to listen deeply, help make connections, capture information, tell stories and communicate ideas. Through her work, Adriana has supported projects in the fields of migrant justice, racial equity, cultural safety, health, education, among others.

Adriana was born in Bogotá, Colombia and immigrated to Canada, with her family in 1998, at the age of fifteen. She completed her BFA at SFU School for the Contemporary Arts in 2006 and has worked and volunteered with numerous Arts, Culture and Community organizations for 20 years.

Adriana Contreras | Graphic Recorder & Animator at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver
Patricia McDougall | Graphic Recorder at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver

Patricia McDougall

Graphic Recorder

As an aboriginal graphic recorder (Klahoose Nation on Cortes Island), Patricia draws upon her sensitivity to culture and tradition when working with diverse groups to embody mutual and respectful collaboration. Patricia is passionate about weaving relationships and story into her graphic recordings so teams can use these powerful graphic tools for planning and decision-making.

Cathryn John

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

An Emily Carr alumna, Cathryn is a creative self-starter with a drive to make the world a better place, one project at a time. Her experience in the creative industry is varied which allows her to tackle projects from a holistic point of view. She’s passionate about human rights, social justice and protecting the environment.

Cathryn recently started her own business that seeks to help companies tell their story and attract their ideal clients. She uses a combination of graphic design and illustration to showcase each business’s personality in a way that resonates with their audience. Cathryn’s ideal day would include a hike out in nature followed by great food on a local patio.

Cathryn John | Graphic Designer & Illustrator at Fuselight Creative, Graphic Recording & Facilitation Vancouver


Finding story in the complex doesn’t just happen through drawing live in a meeting or putting together a quirky animation. It’s only possible by living our values in every aspect of our work. Whether it’s the first email from a client interested in our services, to our deep research and prep ahead of a project, to how we present ourselves in a conference, we strive to inspire and delight our clients each step of the way.


  • We “listen to lead” with our clients – we operate as visual strategists, customizing our approach and making suggestions based on the needs of our clients and the audience they want to engage.

  • We research to understand our clients’ culture, style of communication, goals, challenges, and complexities before setting our creative minds to work. We use visuals unique to a client’s topics (avoiding cliché images), and design experiences that are authentic for the audience and deepen knowledge and understanding of a topic.

  • We continuously ask for feedback from our clients before, during, and after a project, and are constantly making course corrections to ensure the visuals are facilitating dialogue.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • We are inclusive of all voices, world views, and diversity in our work, and are not afraid to push clients and ourselves to consider who we are not including.

  • We strive to match the right visual practitioner on our team for each project, and are committed to developing and supporting talent local to different cultures, communities, and world views.

  • We operate with cultural humility and work to check our unconscious biases. We are committed to life-long learning about histories of colonialism, Indigenous peoples, and world cultures.

  • Professionalism & Integrity

  • We work with respect and humility, both in our preparation and planning for a project, and in the conference space.

  • We align ourselves with the client’s culture – this means we are flexible to meet the client where they’re at, change our approach “on the fly” to support a group’s needs, and present ourselves professionally at all times.

  • We work with integrity – we mean what we say and are committed to delivering our best.

  • We say “no” to projects that don’t align with our values or are not action-oriented.

  • Innovation

    Doing the same thing over and over means we’re standing still. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of visuals and how they’re used to facilitate dialogue, always keeping in mind what will best engage an audience and achieve a client’s goals:

  • We are expanding into augmented reality and virtual reality.

  • Exploring Language TreesKnowledge Walls, and other ways of engaging people in conference spaces.

  • Integrating digital graphic recording across all formats of meetings, and developing methods for displaying in gallery walks using portable projectors, and printing large hard copies on site.

  • Developing best practices for facilitating journey mapping of complex pathways through a system, based on the customer / patient / client experience.

  • We are proud members of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners

    IFVP Member

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