Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos (sometimes called whiteboard animations) explain complex or detailed topics in a simple and engaging way, and they’re growing in popularity across organizations. Many organizations that I work with are reporting their whiteboard video is receiving record numbers of views compared to previous videos, more traffic to their websites, and better customer comprehension of their organization. Simply put: it’s hard to tear your eyes away as the illustrations unfold.

We are all a blend of three learning types: kinetic, visual, and audio — usually one is more dominant, and for the majority of us it’s the visual learning type. These videos, when done well, engage the three learning types — kinetic learners are engaged by movement and the process of creation. Audio learners are drawn in by strong narration and music. And highly visual people are engaged by the visual metaphors and scenes.

Below are two videos I produced during early summer. I had a fantastic time working with both AHA Creative Strategies (check out their funky website!) and the Air Shift Group, who are dedicated to air quality improvements.

AHA Creative Strategies from AHA Creative on Vimeo.


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