Ever wondered how secure your access to food is? Maybe you haven’t — on Vancouver Island, many of us have easy access to healthy food. At the grocery store we choose from an array of fresh produce and select cuts of cellophane-wrapped meat. We might visit a local farmer’s market, or drop by a small bakery. In the summer we fish on island lakes and catch plump trout. Hardly a second thought is given to where our food comes from and how secure our food network is!

The Food Connections Gathering is an annual event that brings together an active network of people on Vancouver Island to connect and share ideas on food security. They discuss the uniqueness of being on an Island and what this means for our access to sustainable, healthy food — in our cities, farms, forests, and water. It’s a partnership between numerous organizations, and each year builds on the work of the last.

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As a 10-year resident of Vancouver Island, I’m inspired by the passion and collaboration of the Food Connections Gathering — the visual summary above is a great overview! If you’re interested in food security on the Island, visit any of the following organizations:

Island Health – Food Security

Lush Valley Food Action Society

Cowichan Green Community

Nanaimo Food Share

Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Indigenous Food Network

Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable


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