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TEDx Graphic Recording

It’s not every day I get to graphic record a TEDx talk and have it connected via live feed to the TED stage! It seemed fitting that since this was my first live TED talk, that it would be a talk about jumping into new experiences feet first.




Dustin Garis of LifeProfit doesn’t settle for the status quo — he thinks and does things outside the norm. Backpack across the world for a couple years… participate in a Mud Run… bring a goat to a TED talk… the more you stretch yourself through new experiences, the more memorable your life. His question to the audience: How many days do you remember from the last month? Really remember?

Great food for thought.

TEDx graphic recording

This wasn’t the first time I’ve graphic recorded for a live feed that’s projected for the audience; it’s a great way to ensure a large audience can see all the details. This can be done through live video, or via tablet computer & HDMI connection.

TEDx graphic recording_vancouer bc

TEDx graphic recording vancouver bc

Not only did Dustin get a “whiteboard video” style presentation, he also got a full size graphic recording of his talk. The digital version (below) can be used as part of social media awareness and serves as a great companion piece for the talk.

graphic recording TEDx RenfrewCollingwood Vancouver, BC

Graphic Recording from TEDx RenfrewCollingwood. Talk given by Dustin Garis of LifeProfit.


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