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[mkd_dropcaps type="square" color="#ffffff" background_color="#282828"]N[/mkd_dropcaps]ot another webinar! (at least I can check Facebook on the side) For teams that meet regularly via webinar, the cold virtual environment can be a motivation killer. Webinars are a valuable tool in connecting remote teams, and certainly cut time and travel costs; however, in order to be effective, a webinar needs to make the best use of the team's time and keep everyone on the line engaged and away from their emails. Not an easy thing to do when most webinars are hosted by a dull Power Point slide deck!

[mkd_dropcaps type="square" color="#ffffff" background_color="#282828"]A[/mkd_dropcaps]s a graphic recorder I get to "drop into" numerous conferences and strategic planning sessions happening both in BC and other provinces.  I also get a bird's eye view on a variety of industries -- from issues big organizations are struggling with, to very complex scientific discussions, to mapping patient journeys in health care. In February, the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response network hosted an international conference to discuss the current research on ocean acidification, and I graphic recorded the information rich panel discussions. (I can now say I'm an amateur expert in ocean acidification!)