In February 2020, the National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development (NCIED) hosted a panel discussion with Indigenous entrepreneurs and business leaders on how wellness is intertwined with sustainable Indigenous economies. 

We took highlights from the audio transcript from the event and designed a whiteboard video that draws out these concepts. Our team member, Jamin Zurkoski (‘Namgis Nation) wove Indigenous graphics throughout the whiteboard video. The spiral graphics in the animation echo the unfurling of ferns, a symbol of continuous growth and renewal in Māori culture (the heritage of our animator, Tanya). 

The NCIED enables Indigenous peoples to develop their own economies and their own approaches to economic self-sufficiency, sustainability and success. In collaboration with leaders from Indigenous governments, other governments and business, our goal is to advance Indigenous economic innovation and economic health throughout Canada, on a foundation of strong Indigenous governance within a framework that reflects traditional knowledge and respect for Indigenous peoples and their cultures.