Vanderbilt University Professional & Patient Advocacy

Some of our favourite projects are when we get to partner with creative thought leaders, and Vanderbilt’s Center for Professional and Patient Advocacy is a standout example!

We co-designed an interactive facilitation plan for a multi-day national Roundtable that brought together clinical leads from across the USA to discuss strategies for high functioning teams.

This included agenda design, facilitation strategies, interactive group boards, a suite of visual assets to support the confernece, and live graphic recording. The content was intentionally designed for re-purposing at future workshops.

The Roundtable has four breakout groups working to solve a complex fictional case, based in real data and experiences. By anchoring the work in a character’s story, people were better able to connect to the challenges and articulate solutions. When the facilitation team literally threw wrenches in the group’s solutions, it forced them to think creatively on their toes, mimicking a real world scenario.