They Took Our Children (content warning: residential schools)

Takla First Nation approached us to design an animation to tell the story of residential schools in northern British Columbia. The intent was to use the video to help community members open themselves to conversations and healing. 

Takla First Nation provided a rough script and we worked together to edit it into a more concise and impactful story about Johnny. Takla First Nation also provided guidance on images that would be powerful, and images we should avoid. 

Once we had an approved script, we compiled illustrations into a storyboard, including actions and notes on what would happen on screen. We used the colour purple (from the Takla First Nation logo) throughout the video to convey the connection to community and culture. Over rounds of revision, we refined the storyboard until it was just right.

We next animated all the scenes and edited it with voice over and music. An Elder from Takla First Nation provided the voice over in both English and Carrier. They also provided music by a local artist.