Te Reo Māori Language Summit

Te Taura Whiri (the Māori Language Commission) invited us to the Raranga.Tahi Summit, an annual gathering of Māori youth from across New Zealand to celebrate and strengthen te reo Māori (the Māori language).


Fuselight’s founder, Tanya Gadsby, was born in New Zealand and is of mixed Māori heritage. It was a great honour for her to attend the summit and graphic record the passion and power of Māori youth. Tanya prepared extensively for the summit by researching and planning designs, layouts, and visuals that incorporate Māori world views and culture. At the summit, she worked alongside a Māori translator in real time to incorporate Māori phrases and language across the graphics. This included graphic recording presentations that were in full te reo Māori, and in English.


Youth were invited to share their inspiration and joy for their language on a large graffit wall. Tanya also prepared an 8-page “Quick Start Guide to Graphic Recording” for any youth who might be interested in learning more about this type of work, or giving it a try themselves.