Time-lapse Animation
Our Ways of Education - Squamish Nation

The Squamish Nation needed a short time-lapse animation to illustrate the importance of cultural and traditional education for Squamish youth.

We met with the leads on the project from Squamish Nation to understand what images and colours would be powerful, and what imagery we should handle with care and sensitivity. They also provided a library of images to reference, including cultural activities, Elders, youth, and locations.

Once we had a final script, we compiled a rough storyboard to show how scenes would flow alongside the narration. The client provided feedback on the images, and we edited the storyboard until we had an approved version.

We animated the approved storyboard and matched it with the narration (which Squamish Nation provided). We also provided the final scene as a standalone JPEG for use in printed handouts and posters.

The project took approximately 4-5 weeks.