Time-lapse Animations
Kitselas Treaty Animations

Kitselas First Nation needed a series of animations to explain the complexities of the treaty process in a clear and concise videos. These videos are a “time-lapse” style, which is the quickest style of animation to produce — perfect for video projects that have tight deadlines. 

Kitselas First Nation provided a script for each video, and we had one round of revision where Fuselight provided suggestions / ideas on visuals, and Kitselas provided further guidance on imagery.

We next produced a rough storyboard showing the flow of the video and how it would match the script, and Kitselas provided feedback during one round of revision. 

Finally, everything was animated and edited with the narration and music (both provided by Kitselas). As these videos were produced concurrently, total project time was approximately 8 weeks. 

View the full set of videos here.