We’re visual strategists: we believe graphic recording should engage participants, be authentic to your organization, and customized to your meeting’s objectives. Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!



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Are you an independent freelancer that wants to spend more time graphic recording and less time managing a business? Are you an animator that just wants to design amazing animations and not deal with back-and-forth with clients? Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to build your skillset!

Fuselight receives requests for a range of visual services and we’re expanding our core network of freelance sub-contractors. Our sub-contractors appreciate that we are upfront and transparent about project scope, pricing, and have well-honed processes for each type of visual service (graphic recording, animation, infographics).

Fuselight’s mission is: igniting ideas in ink. Read more about our approach and specializations below!


Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation

Graphic recording should be more than “just a pretty picture.” We believe the best graphic recording comes from understanding a client’s needs and researching their specific industry and topics.

Over the last nine years we’ve developed a variety of strategies for integrating graphic recording at events so it’s an authentic and powerful part of group processes, is interactive for participants, and flexible to a group’s needs. This includes Knowledge/Talent Walls, a range of visual templates for group work, and other visual supports (agendas, visual instructions for group work, etc.).

Digital graphic recording is quickly becoming a preferred format for many of our clients. As a tech-savvy team, we know the best set up and support needed for digital graphic recording so our artists spend more time drawing and less time worrying about the technical connections at events.

We also specialize in patient journey mapping / customer journey mapping and have developed a comprehensive handbook for running journey mapping sessions. Journey mapping is a facilitative process that helps a group identify gaps, what’s working, and opportunities in complex journeys or systems.



Our animations have been broadcast on national television, in theatres, and presented at conferences of 12,000+ people. We have an efficient and timeline-based production process honed from years of producing animations. This process ensures clear communication during each stage (from initial consultation, to script writing, to storyboard, to animation), which ensures our animators have clear direction and our clients know exactly what to expect.


Infographics & Illustrations

Infographics are one of the most versatile visual mediums. We’ve translated scientific research into “visual executive summaries,” mapped out complex technology systems, illustrated patient journeys, and visually explained a process or concept. Just as with our animation productions, we have a streamlined and effective process for infographics.


If these approaches sound like a good fit with how you want to work, we’d love to learn more about you! We’re interested in meeting both new and seasoned practitioners. Fill out our sub-contractor form below and we’ll be in touch (please note that we are a very busy studio, so there may be a delay in our response).


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Let us know your rates for graphic recording / animations / infographics (or whatever visual work applies to you), including whether you have bulk pricing or different rates for different clients. Please convert into Canadian funds using Bank of Canada Converter.

Is there anything in your visual practice that you're itching to expand? For example, learning how to run a patient journey mapping session, new animation techniques, interactive graphic recording, or broadening your digital skillset....

How did you get into this work? What's your background? What does an ideal collaborative partnership look like to you?

Thank you in advance for your patience; as we are a very busy studio, there may be a delay in our response.