We’re visual strategists: we believe graphic recording should engage participants, be authentic to your organization, and customized to your meeting’s objectives. Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!



Value of Graphic Recording

It’s more than “just a pretty picture!” We customize graphic recording to every conference so that it’s authentic to your organization, discussion, and style of communication.

Value of Graphic Recording

Many of us are visual learners, so it’s no surprise that using visuals during meetings has proven to increase information retention (Robert Horn, Stanford University). The picture superiority effect is real — humans are hard-wired to absorb and understand images quicker than text or audio information. Graphic recording also engages kinetic minds because we’re actively creating a large graphic in real time. My team also specializes in interactive graphic recording — rather than just being a “pretty picture,” the graphics can be designed to engage people and get them thinking in new dimensions!

Before a Meeting

Graphic recording delivers the most value when we plan in advance how best to integrate it with your meeting. In the weeks leading up to a meeting, we schedule planning calls with you to go over the agenda, any background / context information, and identify the best way to engage participants.

We also research the discussion topics and your organization ahead of time to fully understand the context. This helps us develop images and metaphors unique to your content so the visuals aren’t composed of cliched metaphors, or insensitive imagery. It makes a tremendous difference in people connecting to the graphics and feeling they’re accurate to the discussion. We also tailor our graphic style to the communication style of your organization (i.e. highly visual vs. more structured / organized). Customizing Graphic Recording Style has more details about this process.

During a Meeting

Sometimes agendas change on the fly, tough discussions come up, or the facilitator wants to shift their approach. We are flexible to adjust with the conference’s needs and we’ll regularly check in with organizers to ensure the graphics are working well.

The completed graphic recordings are an impressive record of the meeting and we encourage they’re displayed where participants can do a “gallery walk,” take photos, and reflect on the graphics in more detail. We’ll also provide sticky notes to participants so they can let us know what needs to be added or changed in the graphics to ensure they’re accurate! Providing people with an opportunity to interact with the graphics can be a powerful way of stimulating deeper discussions and reflection. Interactive Graphic Recording outlines different options — from basic sticky-notes, to visual templates, to more fulsome interaction.

After a Meeting

We provide you with high-resolution digital versions of the graphic recordings within 2-3 business days after the meeting (or we can do 12-24 hour turnaround if desired). The digital images can be used in reports, posted online, or individual graphics can be isolated as stand-alone JPEGs for use in other communication materials (such as Power Points, presentations, publications, etc). Using Completed Graphic Recordings has examples of getting the most from your graphics!

Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!