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We’re visual strategists: we believe graphic recording should engage participants, be authentic to your organization, and customized to your meeting’s objectives. Let’s ignite your ideas in ink!



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Collaborative Healthcare

I’ve worked in healthcare in a variety of departments: Mental Health & Addictions, System Wide Integration, and Public Participation, to name a few. This has given me a perspective on frontline work with patients as well as big-picture strategic initiatives. I’ve come to appreciate how...

The Worst Power Point in the World

There’s actually an award for the worst PowerPoint presentations. A top contender.   Many of us have sat through presentations that couldn't hold the attention span of a five-year-old. Does creating an engaging PowerPoint take more effort? If you’re new to this, probably. Is it worth it? Well,...

Cartooning Your Study Notes

It’s October and if you’re a student, that can only mean one thing: mid-terms.   Like many students in high school, I hated memorizing facts. I tried study groups, recording my notes on tape (it was the 90s!), flash cards, and memorizing lecture notes with my eyes...